Lizard Tales

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Lizard Lessons

Ann Almond

The other day while taking one of my horses, Rosie, out for a trail ride, I passed by a lizard on the road, trying to warm itself from the chilly morning. I love lizards! So, I said, “Good morning, Lizard!” He didn’t scurry off like they usually do, so I suspected he was still too cold to move fast. Unfortunately, my horse didn’t see the tiny fellow and accidentally stepped on him! A front hoof got his tail, and then a hind hoof crushed his tiny back leg! It was awful to watch the poor little lizard squirm in pain!

I picked him up and he lost his tail, which we all know will grow back. His leg didn’t look too good, but I thought it would heal if he could be kept safe, and warm, so I put him in my flannel shirt pocket to take him home with me, and mounted up for my ride.

I stopped to chat with a neighbor friend, telling him about the lizard. When I reached into my pocket to show him the lizard, the lizard wasn’t there! I thought he must be okay since he had to have climbed out of my pocket and smiled that he wasn’t hurt as bad as I thought. I finished my ride, took care of Rosie, and went inside to grab a bite to eat, taking off my flannel shirt and leaving it in the garage on my way into the house.

I told Bill about the lizard and after eating, headed back outside. When I grabbed my flannel to layer up to go do my evening chores, I noticed my lizard friend resting on the shirt’s collar! He was still on my shirt! That little guy had gone on the whole ride with me, stayed on during the after-ride routine, and was still on my shirt after my break. I was happy to see him doing well! I took him out to our little greenhouse and carefully placed him on a soft glove near the heater, so he could stay warm and recover.

When I checked on my little lizard friend the following afternoon, he had moved off the glove so he is doing good and should recover from his accident, and with a newly regenerated tail and healed leg, he will be as good as new!

I began to think about the amazing ability God gave some of His creatures to regenerate some body parts, like lizard tails, and really the miracle of healing in all his creatures-the body’s ability to repair. He has designed everything so perfectly and completely, even when accidents or injuries happen, He has a remedy for it.

Then it struck me! The truly amazing and incredible miracle our souls go through when they are regenerated when we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior! This is truly miraculous! That our God allows us sinners to share in the perfect righteousness of His Son and cleanses us from all our sins, making us new creatures in Himself, and through faith alone we have eternal salvation is truly remarkable!

What an incredible gift and blessing!

Even in the tiniest things, like a lizard, God reveals Himself and His glory!

He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit-Titus 3:5