Halloween Morning

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From Carol Daugherty

Halloween Morning


She woke up to a chill in the house and reached for a small blanket to wrap around herself as she carefully walked downstairs to the kitchen. Coffee. Yes, that was what she needed to warm her hands and wake up. Her puppy refused to get out of her warm little bed so she left the pup, got her mug of coffee, slid her feet into her warm slippers and stepped out onto the front porch. The sun shone so bright she had to shade her eyes to find her front porch swing. She set her coffee mug onto the side table as she lowered herself into the swing. Wrapped up in the blanket she could feel the sun warming her face and body. Reaching for her coffee mug she gently swung as she watched the birds and squirrels search for seeds among the damp grass. A few of her neighbors greeted her as they walked by with they’re little dogs on leashes; soaking up as much of the warm sun as they could on such a chilly day. The slight breeze carried the voices of other neighbors and friends as they sat outside enjoying the morning. The memories of the hot summer days fell away as thoughts of cooler days ahead entertained her mind. Still swinging she thought of all the Halloween and fall decorations she would like to put up but probably would not. Instead, she let her mind take her back to years past of children’s excited voices as the cooler days led up towards a night of costumes and candy, hay rides and jack-o-lanterns. She may not have decorations like the younger folks but she will be sitting on her front porch swing handing out candy like she always has…greeting all the little monsters and princesses, star war’s characters and pirates. She got up from the swing, memories put aside…she had chores to do to prepare for the day.


It’s going to be a wonderful day!


Decorations or no decorations, children want what they always want, a happy neighbor handing out candy with a smile and a compliment.


Happy Halloween Selah


God bless you,