The Gratitude Path

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Annual Stewardship Campaign: The Gratitude Path.


Throughout the Gospels we read how thankful Jesus was for the many blessings He received from His Father. The Gratitude Path is the path in life that Jesus followed.  Jesus lived his life with an attitude of gratitude toward God in all the different circumstances of His life and he calls His followers to give constant thanks and praise to God as well.    For the first four Sundays in October we will focus on The Gratitude Path for our annual Stewardship Campaign.  This campaign is based on the idea that we give to God not out of our obligation, guilt, or the need to meet the need of a church budget.  Rather we give thanks to God with a grateful heart because God first blessed us in abundant ways.  Our heart of gratitude leads us to becoming a “cheerful giver.”  Begin now to pray for our congregation as we follow The Gratitude Path.  More information is coming your way.

-Pastor Steve